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Infertility/Reproductive Endocrinology

For people having difficulty conceiving, Emerson offers state-of-the-art fertility services through an affiliation with IVF New England. Together, we are part of a network of specialists on the cutting edge of infertility treatment.


Emerson’s specialists in reproductive endocrinology/infertility use a variety of assisted reproductive technologies including:

  • Single-embryo transfer
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Egg, sperm and embryo freezing or cryopreservation
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
  • Male infertility treatments

If you require infertility evaluation, you can be seen on the Emerson campus.

Support Services and Groups

Emerson offers a wide range of community health and wellness programs and classes designed to provide women with up-to-date information so they can take care of their health and make informed health care decisions. These programs address a wide range of topics including sports medicine, cosmetic surgery, heart-healthy eating with cooking demonstrations, the latest information on preventing and treating heart disease, programs that use hypnosis to help participants quit smoking or lose weight, and stress reduction programs that use yoga, meditation, Reiki and Qigong.

Ongoing support groups to help women cope with various medical conditions or life situations are also offered at Emerson.